Friday, May 03, 2013

The Pattani bridge opened

Widening project is almost finished; only the finishing touches remaining. The bridge is opened for the public on yesterday.

Hartal in Nayarambalam

Yet another strike in the island. This time it was staged as the reaction of the mob when a bicyclist was killed in a bus accident. Obviously the bus drivers are responsible for this homicide. Granted, but will this entire irresponsibility ended up with a hartal? I am using public transport system in a daily basis for years. Most of the passenger buses in this system violate traffic rules massively. It may be over speed, rude overtaking, drunken drive or phone-in drive, but neither the passengers inside the bus nor the cops react against these violations.
Our vigil must be there to prevent the casualties, there is no point in reacting when the inevitable is happened. To achieve this, all the people and legal enforcement authorities has responsibility to react when such violations are being seen.