Wednesday, August 02, 2006


There wasn’t any detailed information on Nayarambalam! I wondered! I was searching for some demographic details of Nayarambalam. There was some pages I go was considerably not so important. Some pages were from govt. sites containing statistical information that were outdated. That was the inspiration to start this blog and thus it born. Most of the content in this blog I collected from unofficial sources and so it may not be authentic. This is the first scratch only. Readers are requested to support me by sending your valuable comments and feedbacks along with their personality.

I am not aware of the previous history of some institutions because I have taken a minimal effort to collect such data. I hope that I can modify them with all of your cooperation.

And my dear reader, if you are a native of Nayarambalam, just drop me an email with your address. It will be useful to start a forum later.