Friday, November 30, 2007

Munduchira Bridge, Nayarambalam

I am not sure, the name of this bridge is Munduchira. It lies in the north eastern area of the village. It lies in the bus route to Nedungad Island. On a rainy Sunday, I was just wandering alone through some roads of nayarambalam which was quite unfamilier to me. I started from my home, walked to the panchayat road to Nayarambalm Bhagavathy temple, and walked straight along towards Thyezhuthuvazhi. Then crossed Kappuchira bridge, walked again aside the public cemetry, and finally get into the Aniyil Jn through Munduchira bridge... It took more than 2 hours. I was too slow. But it was a good experience. Walking in rain through some unfamilier village roads...

Public cemetery , Nayarambalam

This is the public cemetery here in Nayarambalam. Located at the north eastern boundary of the village.