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Nayarambalam is a cool village in Vypeen island, Ernakulam District, Kochi Taluk. Beautifully landscaped with scintillating backwaters in the east and Arabian sea in the west. Blessed with several natural and man-made canals, Nayarambalam stands alone one of the model villages of the state.
Nayarambalam comes under the constituency of Ernakulam. It comes under the jurisdiction of Narakkal Police station. The telephone exchange is also Narakkal (local telephone code is 484-249XXXX) and most of the major mobile telephone operators has good coverage and signal strength in Nayarambalam. There is a main post office and a branch po (Nedungad) at Nayarambalam.
Apart from many positive features, people of Nayarambalam suffer some key issues
  1. Scarcity of drinking water
  2. Drinking water scarcity was one of the major issue for the past three or four decades in Nayarambalam. Over the assembly elections all parties campaign about the issue and dramatically alleges each other.Always the drinking water issue had been an election campaign tool for both of the prominent fronts of political parties. Even today, there is no effective drinking water solution in Nayarambalam panchayath.
    Nayarambalam Water scarcity news
    News on water scarcity at Nayarambalam. Manorama 21APR11
    Empty pots: Nayarambalam Water scarcity image
    Empty water pots at the public taps
  3. Lack of well-connected rural roads
  4. There are plenty of roads in Nayarambalam. But there must be new ones as the population and human habitats grows day by day. Also all of the present roads has to be maintained to ensure smooth traffic. But the fact is that, the road maintenance system of Nayarambalam Panchayath is pitiable.
  5. Drainage system
  6. There were plenty of natural and man-made canals through out Nayarambalam panchayath. As a result of the hike in population people reclaimed lots of land for habitation purpose. This caused drainage problems. Lots of paddy fields and canals are being reclaimed still now.
  7. Disappearing paddy fields
  8. Population grows. New habitats has to be found. The land is limited. Agriculture is a low-return business. Real estate buy-sell business gives double returns. So what to do? Reclaim the fields. Sell it for much higher profit. There may be restrictions in reclaiming paddy fields.
Listed out above were some of the issues which Nayarambalam faces today. But there are several advantages people of Nayarambalam enjoys.
  • Accessibility
  • Once upon a time, the Vypeen-Pallippuram state highway was totally in hopeless state. In certain locations the road was totally broken. But after the Vallarpadam Container Transshipment Terminal project came under effect, the highway got out from the curse. Places like Nayarambalm in the Vypeen Island got smooth road better accessibility.
  • Education
  • A major advantage of Nayarambalam is that it is sufficient with enough educational institutions. A handful of elementary schools, High Schools and one Higher Secondary School are working under aided/unaided/private management sectors.
  • Health
  • A primary health center. A Govt. Ayurveda Hospital. Some privately owned nursing homes and specialty centers. Nayarambalam has basic infrastructure in health sector. And the people has access to the nearby village Narakkal Govt. Hospital and the malty-specialty (limited) Kristhujayanthi hospital.
  • Scope of tourism
  • Still the scope of tourism in Nayarambalam is not much explored. The Pokkali cultivation method is really an eco-friendly mode of paddy cultivation which may have attract eco/farm tourists. Pokkali is a cyclic method in paddy cultivation in an organic way in the wet fields in the coastal regions of Alappuzha, Ernakulam, and Thrissur districts. The rice is cultivated from June - November as the level of salinity in the wet field is very low. From November to April, the salinity level gets high, fish (especially prawn) farming takes over. The prawn seedlings, which comes from the sea and the backwaters after the paddy harvest, feed on the leftovers of the harvested crop. Sluice gates are used to control the water flow to the fields. The rice crop, which get no other fertilizer or manure, draw nutrients from the prawns’ excrement and other remnants.

  • District : Ernakulam
  • Constituency : Vypeen
  • Taluk : Cochin
  • Police station : Narakkal
  • Post office : Nayarambalam
  • Telephone Exchange : Narakkal
  • PIN : 682509

There is no rigid influence of any political parties in Nayarambalam. Both right and left fronts had lead the Panchayath alternatively.
Here is the elected members of Nayarambalam Panchayath as per the the local body elections done in Kerala on October 2010. The results of the Election 2010 declared on October 27, 2010. For more details,  just click on the names of the members.

Ward No. Ward Name Name of Member Front
1 Mangalya Taji Roy CPI(M)
2 Thayezhath Vijy Sabu CPI(M)
3 Vadakke Nedungad Ajitha Pushkaran CPI(M)
4 Nedungad Central Falgunan C.K. CPI(M)
5 Thekke Nedungadu V.S. Saheesh CPI(M)
6 Bhagavathy temple Shyla Babu INDEPENDENT
7 Wadel Church road Joby Varghese INC
8 Kadekkurishu Sevy Thannippilly KC(M)
9 Ramankulangara Salomy Xavier INC
10 Manattuparambu East Benny Thomas A. INC
11 Manattuparambu West Shiny Antony INC
12 Puthankadappuram Sudha Uthaman INC
13 Veliyathamparambu C.C. Siji CPI(M)
14 kochambalamM.R. Vishwanathan CPI(M)
15 Ayurveda hospital C.M.Sheeja INDEPENDENT
16 Temple West K R Uthaman INC

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