Friday, April 13, 2012

Book on history of Wadel St. George Church Nayarambalam

വാടേല്‍ ഇടവകയുടെ ചരിത്രം
Got a wonderful book on history of St. George Church Wadel written by Fr. Isaac Kurishinkal, Ex. Vicar, St. George Church Wadel. Its a comprehensive study on Wadel Church and surrounding places etc. Most of the church records and details of the parish members are printed in the book.
The book contains tonnes of info.
  1. Lots of historic parish records including Thaliolas.
  2. Names and contact details of parish priests
  3. Names and details of priests and nuns from the parish
  4. Names and details of families of the parish
  5. List of chapels and their history in the jurisdiction of the parish
  6. List of institutions and their history in the jurisdiction of the parish
  7. Property details of the parish
The book is a tremendous work. Worth having a book in your library if you are residing in the place. So much information are there inside the book. But in the 488 pages, it is not only the history of Wadel Church or Nayarambalam village alone, even Roman history, diocese history are explained in detail. In some places you may feel these explanations are unnecessary.
After reading the book, I felt that the writer of the book did not mind the privacy of the people at all. The complete contact details including mobile phone numbers of several nuns and priests made available through the book to the public.
Vadel Edavakayude Charithram
Vadel Edavakayude Charithram : The front cover

വാടേല്‍ ഇടവകയുടെ ചരിത്രം
വാടേല്‍ ഇടവകയുടെ ചരിത്രം: Blurb

Inside pages of the history of Wadel Church
Inside pages

Inside pages of the history of Wadel Church, Nayarambalam
Details of the chapels

Book on Wadel church Nayarambalam
Details of records regarding the church kept in the diocese

Inside pages of the book on Wadel church Nayarambalam
Details of the family members

Inside pages of the book on Wadel church Nayarambalam
Details of the parish priests

The book was publishe on 8th May 2011. Price of the book is Rs., 250/- And it is published by the author himself. Anyway it is a good effort to document many of the church records and history of the church and the place altogether. Kudos to Fr. Isaac Kurishinkal.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Narikulam Tharavad: Heritage homestay at Nayarambalam

Nayarambalam got a beautiful heritage homestay located near St. Augustine's Church and Veeranpuzha. The ancient mansion has more than 120 years heritage. I am too happy that these heritage structures are transformed to such luxurious  home stays rather than they are being demolished. Many ancient structures were demolished recently in Nayarambalam to build new fashion buildings within a span of 20-25 years. Now people slowly get awareness about the importance of our heritage.

Narikulam Tharavad
Narikulam Tharavad front view
Narikulam Tharavad was the home of former Panchayath President, the Late Mr. Cheriyan Narikulam. Presently the homestay is managed by his son Mr. Paul Cherian. He has added some brilliant amenities in its courtyard. An Erumadam (tree-top house) is set up in a huge tamerind tree. A mini Chinese net is set across the small canal inside the courtyard. The net is functional and in the spring tide, you can enjoy fishing with that.
Erumadam set on a Tamerind tree

Mini chinese net

The courtyard
The bedroom and common area like Nadumuttam (Central courtyard in a traditional Kerala Mansion) has been altered to give a new look, but still without loosing the ancient feel. An open bathroom is set to go with  the new trend. All the furniture in every room is genuinely ancient.


Set an open bathroom beautifully in the house

A trip in the scenic canal flowing inside the compound.

The tourists visiting Cherai Beach may like Narikulam Tharavad very well. As a result of the beautification of Cherai, the natural beauty of the place has faded considerably. At the same time Cherai beach is really great. Here is the relevance of Narikulam Tharavad - for a good stay to enjoy the real / natural kerala living.

Wanna know more? Here is the complete contact info: Phone : 91-484-2493488 Mobile : 91-984-7364886 email : website is still under construction, but however here is the address :