Friday, November 30, 2007

Munduchira Bridge, Nayarambalam

I am not sure, the name of this bridge is Munduchira. It lies in the north eastern area of the village. It lies in the bus route to Nedungad Island. On a rainy Sunday, I was just wandering alone through some roads of nayarambalam which was quite unfamilier to me. I started from my home, walked to the panchayat road to Nayarambalm Bhagavathy temple, and walked straight along towards Thyezhuthuvazhi. Then crossed Kappuchira bridge, walked again aside the public cemetry, and finally get into the Aniyil Jn through Munduchira bridge... It took more than 2 hours. I was too slow. But it was a good experience. Walking in rain through some unfamilier village roads...

Public cemetery , Nayarambalam

This is the public cemetery here in Nayarambalam. Located at the north eastern boundary of the village.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Herbert Bridge

Link to geocities.

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There were lots of stuff available at geocities. But unfortunately, the service was discontinued in 2009. Could not recover the data before I lost access to it. :-(

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Map of Nayarambalam

Sketch of Nayarambalam
Rough sketch of Nayarambalam

This is the first version of not-to-scale map of Nayarambalam grama panchayat. Compiled with the help of Mr. N.A. Jain (4th Ward Member). More accurate version will be uploaded later. Those who want to get pdf version please click on this link

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

About Nayarambalam

Nayarambalam is a coastal village in Ernakulam District, kerala, India. It is surrounded by Edavanakkad Grama Panchayath in the North, Narakkal Grama Panchayath in the South, Arabian Sea in the West and Veeranpuzha in the east. Nayarambalam lies at almost in the center of Vypeen Island. Agriculture and fishing was the main income source of the people in the olden times. But now most of the people depends Cochin City - the nearest City in Main Land. Still there are lots of paddy fields and fish ponds especially in the Eastern and Western area of the village. The famous festivals of Nayarambalam include the temple festivals of Bhagavathi Temple and Kochambalam Subrahmanya Temple. Many Christian churches and mosques are also located there.
For more reading just read the page I have edited in wikipedia:

Thursday, February 01, 2007


This details are taken from official website of Kerala Govt.
Area in sq.Km. : 12.19
No of Wards : 10 Occupied Residential houses : 4240 No of house holds : 4240 Male population : 11313 Female population : 11853 Total population : 23166 Density of population per : 1783 Sex ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 1047 Effective Literacy Rate [Male] : 97.26 • Effective Literacy Rate [Female] : 92.26 Effective Literacy Rate [Total] : 94.69
* Based on Department of Economics & Statistics, Kerala [Panchayat Level Statistics 2001, Eranakulam District]