Thursday, November 02, 2006


Karuna Special School For Mentally challenged Children Under the management of Sisters of St.George Carmel Convent.

The school is one of the well maintained special schools in Vypeen Island. Hundreds of students are getting quality education from here. The school team has won many festivals state and national levels.
One reader (who belongs to an NGO) requested to include the contact details of the school. Even though the school situates a stone's throw away distance from my home, I realized that I didn't have their contact details except its address. So one evening I just dropped in and met the principal and requested the details. With their proper permission, here I include their contact details.
Karuna Special School and Rehabilitation Society, 
Wadel, Nayarambalam P.O.
Ernakulam - 682509

Karuna Special School Contacts
Sr. Anchela, Principal (as of now in 2008)
Sr. Savoola, Manager
(as of now in 2008)
Phone: 0484-2499922 | 2493659

To visit the official Facebook page, click on the icon below:
Karuna Special School Official Facebook page



Ridhi said...


Is this school operational ? Can I please get in touch with someone as I am interested in finding out about this project and possibly set up volunteering.

Ridhi Patel

hackingtom said...

Hi Ridhi,

Still now the school is operational. I don't know exactly how many students are there in the school. At least more than 50 students are there. It is not a huge set-up, however. You can directly call the school management for volunteering, I have given all the contact details including their address. Thanks for the comment anyway.

Ridhi said...

Are you based in Kerala? Do you know any orphanages around Kochi that need a group of volunteers?

What is the nearest place to this school and can I email someone there?

Ridhi said...

This school is quite good. I will be contacting them. Do you know any orphanages in Nayarambalam ? I am looking to set up a project with volunteers in areas around Kochi with an orphanage or school that requires assistance. Can you help me?

hackingtom said...

I am living in Kerala. And I don't know much about what you are looking for. But if you tell me exactly your requirement, I think I can help you.

Right now I don't have their email addresses, but I can sent it to you within a few days. One thing more:
What kind of volunteers do you mean?

Ridhi said...

Can you send me a personal email address and perhaps I can tell you more about this.

Or email me on

Ridhi said...

We are willing to include childcare teaching construction sports or sanititation or all in our programs. The volunteers will be trained and taken care of by us. I am just looking for a good partnership with a good established orphanage or school that requires assistance.
We are really well established as an organisation. I can tell you more on email.

Do you know Kerala well ? can you put me in touch with a few people perhaps ? What is it that you do?

hackingtom said...

As I am living in Kerala for more than three and half decades, I know Kerala well (to the extend as a native). And I am working in advertising field for nearly 10 years. Yes, I think I can help you. But are you interested in any orphanages other than Cochin? I have some suggestions and I will sent you a mail shortly.

Ridhi said...

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
I work for an organisation called Global Vision International.
I would accept any help you can offer as a local resident. I look forward to setting up programs in Kerala. I think Kochi/ernakulam will be a good location in terms of volunteers from abroad to live in also. What other areas are you suggesting? I will be arriving in Kochi around 13th March and want to set up meeting with partners before then if possible.

I look forward to your email. Thanks again in adavance.

Ridhi Patel

Unknown said...

Hey Tom,
Nayarambalam blogspot look pretty good!.Congratulations!.Nedungad is an extended beautiful natural Island of Nayarambalam and requires attention too.I always enjoy your blogs and photos.Guess you are doing fine!
Thank You,

Unknown said...

Respected ma'am,
I am a degree second year student. I really wanted to do something for these kids . can I know whether I can have a part I me teacher there?
Thanking you
Farzana fathima moopan

hackingtom said...

Dear Miss. Farzana,

Please use the contact page of this site ( and share your email address, then I will give you all the contact details of the school authorities. Thanks for your interest.