Friday, November 03, 2006

Lobelia English Medium High School, Nayarambalam

Lobelia English Medium School Nayarambalam

Lobelia is the first English Medium School at Nayarambalam. May be it is the first English Medium School in Vypeen Island.
I have asked so many people about the meaning of Lobelia, because I was hearing that name since my childhood. But nobody knows the meaning, including some of the teachers of the school. So I asked google, it returned some definitions. According to the Seach Engine giant, it is a kind of flower. says its meaning as: 'Any of numerous plants of the genus Lobelia, having terminal racemes of variously colored flowers with a bilabiate corolla.'
And Wikipedia says: 'Lobelia (also known as Indian Tobacco, Asthma Weed, Pukeweed, or Vomitwort) is a genus in the family Campanulaceae, comprising some 200 species, some of which are cultivated in gardens. These include Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower or Indian Pink), Lobelia siphilitica (Blue Lobelia), Lobelia fulgens and Lobelia erinus, as well as some hybrids.' ( Wikipedia has some high res images of Lobelia:

Googles Search results:

Lobelia is a useful systemic relaxants. It has a general depressant action on the central and autonomic nervous system and on neuro-muscular action. Its primary specific use is in bronchitic asthma and bronchitis. Lobeline is a powerful respiratory stimulant that will stimulate catarrhal secretion and expectoration while relaxing the muscles of the respiratory system. More reading?

Kingdom : Plantae • Division: Magnoliophyta • Class : Magnoliopsida • Order : Asterales • Family : Campanulaceae • Subfamily : Lobelioideae • Genus: Lobelia

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Jay said...

Nice name for a school:D