Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nayarambalam main bridge expansion progresses in super snail-speed

Works of Nayarambalam main bridge and Vellithanparambu bridge have been started before more than a year as per the court order to expand the narrow bridges in Vypeen-Pallippuram State Highway to ensure smooth traffic. The work is done by the Goshree Islands Development Authority (GIDA). Their mission is to widen the eight narrow bridges between Vypeen and Cherai, which have been limiting the free movement of vehicles. But the work is progressing in extremely slow speed. The spans has been fixed so far and the approach road has to be constructed. Right now there is no work is being done. So let us hope, within next two or three years all the works may have been completed!
Narrow bridge at Nayarambalam
Only one bus at a time. Otherwise traffic block!

Nayarambalam bridge: Stone inscription
The stone inscription.

Nayarambalam bridge: too narrow to have a smooth traffic
Narrow bridge of Nayarambalam
widening works on progress on Nayarambalam bridge
Widening works on progress
Nayarambalam main bridge was opened on 10th March 1956 by the then Minister for Public Works, Mr. Velayudhan K.I. A stone inscription can be found still on the parapet of the bridge. This narrow bridge typically exemplifies lack of far-sighted vision of our ministers and engineers.

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