Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Complete list of Schools in Nblm

Here is the list of all the schools in Nayarambalam Village. Total 9 schools inclusive of all LP, UP and High schools both in govt and pvt management sectors.
    Lower Primary Schools
  1. St. Joseph's LP School, Wadel
  2. Sahadharma Bodhini Sabha LP School, Puthan kadappuram
  3. Sacred Family LP School, Nedungad
  4. Upper Primary Schools
  5. Devi Vilasom UP School, Veliyathamparambu
  6. Union UP School, Thekke Nedungad
  7. Carmel Public School, Wadel (Pvt management).
  8. High Schools
  9. Bhagavathy Vilasom High School, Nayarambalam
  10. Lobelia Engilish Medium High School, Kudungassery (Pvt managementl).
  11. Special School
  12. Karuna Special School, Wadel (Pvt management).
St.Joseph LP School Wadel
St. Joseph's LP School Wadel
Sacred Family LP School Nedungad
Sacred Family LP School Nedungad


    Sreekumar said...

    Hi, a small correction. In the list of Schools, lobelia has been wrongly mentioned as Special School. There is only one Special School in Nayarambalam and that is Karuna Special School near Wadel.

    hackingtom said...

    Hi Sreekumar.
    Lobelia is listed under the High Schools, not in the Special Schools. What I do not know is that if it has Higher Secondary status now!
    Thanks for reading the post.

    Sreekumar said...

    You are welcome and thanks to you too....Actually in the web page it shows the other way...may be some tech issues. As per my knowledge currently Lobelia has a Higher Secondary section these days.

    hackingtom said...

    Slightly remember somebody told me so, that Lobelia got Higher Secondary status, a couple of years back. But not sure about that. Can you please make it sure?

    aldrindev said...

    please mention whether it is kerala syllabus or CBSE

    hackingtom said...

    Hi aldrindev,
    I think Lobelia follows State Syllabus. Not CBSE. For more info here is the phone no. +91-484-2492307